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carb settings

Wondering if anyone who has installed one of the club's new zenith carbs could share the intial settings. I have teh write up for the original Tillotson on my '31 with the 22A engine. I wonder if I could start with the starting point for that??

Re: carb settings

Wayne, I installed the Zenith for the 4-cyl on my M2 and it works great. Set high speed initially at 1 and 1/2 out, then when you drive you can adjust slightly in or out depending on symptoms of rich or lean at speed.(flat or cough) Air screw I started at 1 turn out and you have to adjust it with idle screw to get highest idle speed combined with smoothness before engine 'stumbles',adjust idle rpm alternately while you adjust mixture, keeping idle speed near where you want it finally. A dwell tach really helps to see adjustments you can't hear. Also,Carbs can be different in that the idle mixture adjustment screw can add or subtract air at an in to 'lean' adjustment or an out to 'lean' adjustment, depending on design. What model carb do you have? May sound complicated but it's not. Feel free to call me if you wish. 847-685-1345. Those carbs are excellent. I have 2 originals for my car in the basement, leaky and fragile. Good Luck, Gregg. P.S. By the way, know anything about hot-water heaters or thermostats?

Re: carb settings

My carb is the 13922.
Just got it on today and rigged up the controls.


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