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Chassis Design.

Did chassis design change with manufacture year?
I resenty went to see a finished 1924 "f" model Tourer hoping for dementions of the sill timbers, this car had a flat chassis rail from front to rear, as did a spare chassis hanging on the roof.
My chassis raises in an arch over the rear axle.
Does this indicate a manufacture year or production location?
Wayne down under.

Re: Chassis Design.

Wayne, Your chassis indicates an "M" model Star, built from 1926-28. I've seen "M" chassis with rubber engine mounts and some with solid mounts.

Re: Re: Chassis Design.

Hi Don,
Did you get my email 2/6/05?
Doesnt the "m" have cross bars on the radiator suround?
My radiator is wider than the "24" and I realised the bottom section is missing from mine, A shame I have all ready had it recromed.
Also my front axle is a "drop beam" type.
Any other thaughts.
Thanks Wayne

Re: Chassis Design.

Wayne, sorry in taking so long to get back to you. I'm heavly involved in refurbishing an ancient building to create an antique auto museum in downtown Texarkana.
As for your question, the Star "F" radiator is about 20" wide whereas an "M" model is about 21" wide. Other than that they both look identical in appearence. Neither have any sort of cross bars on the radiator shell. Durants have vertical bars.
Star C and F uses a straight beam axel and M's have a slightly dropped axel that places the center of the springs a little below center of the spindle.
I have two Star "M" coupes in the barn, one has the steering box mounted on the side of the frame and is equipped with rubber engine mounts front and rear. The other has the steering box mounted at the left front engine mount and has solid engine mounts(no rubber)as does the "F" model. I believe the side mount steering box is the latter of the two. Anyone else confirm this?
I'm not sure if a Rugby was constructed any different than a standard Star. There is a posibility that your car may have been "pieced together" in the past. This was not uncommon in order to keep it on the road.
It would be a great help if you could post some pics of your project so we can see just what you are working with.
Don't give up!!!!

Re: Chassis Design.

Thanks a lot Don,
Things are starting to become a little clearer.
I have "clincher" type tyres which I was told were on pre 1925 and a single windscreen.
Does any body have timber plans for a "m" series?
I will send photos directly to you, thanks a lot.
Still trying to find time to organize "US" dollars for membership, Im colecting loose "US" dollars from friends who have been to America and brought home leftovers.
Good luck with the renovations.
Wayne down under

Re: Chassis Design.

Hi Wayne.............

Don is correct about the steering locatioons.

Check out my 1926 Star M touring and roadster on the photographs page.

The touring is an early production made in Canada and has the solid motor mounts with the steering box forward, it also has the beaded fenders and drum head lights.

The roadster is a late production from New Jersey, it has the rubber motor mounts with the steering towards the rear, also notice that the fenders are smooth with a "visor" type front and the head lights are now bullet shaped.

I also have a 1927 Star M 4 door sedan that is also original and has never been apart that has all of the features of the 26 roadster

Hope this helps, if you need any other information or pictures just let me know...


Re: Chassis Design.

Hi Wayne. I tried emailing you but my server couldnt find your address. If you could email me with some photos i may be able to date your car.
Thanks Sid

Re: Re: Chassis Design.

your e mail address is not complete,
try again please

Re: Chassis Design.

Hi Wayne My email address is now correct. My emails to you come back with unknown address of yours.


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