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Chrysler/Durant Rear Spring Shackles

While surching ebay for Chrysler items I found a set of NOS Tryon replacement rear spring shackles (item 7949311665)the seller has listed application for the shackles and included is "1927-1932 Durant all models, rear" ...Seller doesn't have the immage up but said that they are the original cast side links and tapered end pins, starting bid of $139.95....I don't own a later model Durant but do own a 1931 Chrysler with this same spring shackle and thought I should pass on an option to these shackles....Roberts Motor Parts (1-800-231-3180) specilize in early Chrysler parts handle the later stile Rubber bushing type shackle sets (p/n P-93) price, a whoppin $22.50...they will replace the originals with no modification and after installed (pin nuts turned in)they really don't look out of place, they are stable, and quiet, the dimention on the pin centers are 1/2" longer than the original but found that to be a plus as most of our old cars springs sag that amount...My only regrets is that I didn't install these shackles sooner...There you have it...Bill

Re: Chrysler/Durant Rear Spring Shackles

Now you tell us Bill. I had Kenyon Machine shop make all new pins and fill in and ream the tapered recess in the side links for a whopping $500.00. Kenyon had to buy a special reamer to put that aggressive taper back in the ends. Durant only had grease fitting’s on one side of the link so I had them drill and tap threads to put a fitting on both sides. Oh well at least they are now tight and look right. This is the 30 Durant 614 coupe I got from Will up in Fresno. Everything on this car was shot. I finally had to buy George Trollman’s 30 coupe he had up in San Jose for $3,500.00 and replace this body with his as this thing was completely full of holes and all the wood in the back rotted out. All the metal was paper-thin. Oh well anything to get another Durant car restored. One of the six wire wheels is a 18”! All the other ones are 19”. What! Does anyone out there have a 19”wire wheel with the snap ring on the outside and 6 stud. 1929 wire wheels are different. Will not work. Help. Later Lance

Re: Chrysler/Durant Rear Spring Shackles

Thanks for the info, Bill. I could not find the shackle set with the part number (P93) you gave. Could you double check the number?

Re: Chrysler/Durant Rear Spring Shackles

This is Roberts own part number (p-93) they are for Chrysler from 1941-1970 Catalogue #11, I bought mine about 2 years ago...It may be possiable to purchace from another source by the year that Chrysler used them, however they should still be available at Roberts, there is a good illistration in there catalogue and I could attempt to scan you an image if you like....Another thought I had on these shackles would be to machine a special nut (3/8"N.F.) or just use a deep nut and install a do-nothing pin-type alimite fitting on each,in other words share the pin nut with a grease fitting, that may leave even the crittics scratching their heads....Bill


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