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Designers, Engineers I need to know

Legend has it that my grandfather worked for Mr Durant and Helped Design, Engineer, Model or whatever it is that people do to make a car bring it to market. I do know that He was a tool and die maker. How is it possible to find out if this verbal family history is correct? He lived in Muncie Indiana. I that anywhere close to where the cars were manufactured.
My mom mentions a 32 Durant. She also claims a vehicle called the Auburn, Bearcat and Core or maybe Star, not knowing who manufactured the last ones yet.
I'd appreciate any info that might help.

Re: Designers, Engineers I need to know

Star is one of durants cars --bearcat may be the stutz bearcat --not sure tho --auburn is a well known vintage car --Sorry I cant help with your family history --but muncie Indiana is a location of one of durants many factories
Good luck with your search --

Re: Designers, Engineers I need to know

Thanks for the Info. Do you know where in Muncie the factory was located? How long it was there? like what years?
Family swears that these were models, or prototypes that were worked on in the Garage before Manufacturing. It just doesn't seem plausable considering the how guarded the industry is now. Maybe he had an idea, worked on it, and sold the idea to the company? My mom was born after they were produced so its info she has heard from others before her.
Any suggestions on where to look for such info?

Re: Re: Designers, Engineers I need to know

Start with your public library. Go through the old city directories and look up names and addresses from the late 20's. Also go to your local Historical Society. They will have newpaper clipping files and perhaps oral history on tapes. Do a patent search to see if your relative's name shows up. Put an ad in your local newpaper. There are still lots of people alive that might remember that place.


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