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Is it worth it or am I dreaming

I finally have an opportunity to acquire a Durant Four “Star” that’s been forgotten in the corner of a ranchers field. The body is fairly complete and in good condition including the wooden truck bed. The frame seems solid. All four wood spoked wheels, axels, and glass are still intact. Unfortunately the engine compartment is empty except for the radiator. The transmission and floor boards are also gone. The tag firewall indicates a Model “M” Car no. “C”. Is this something worth restoring or would I be better off trying to salvage parts for another? How would I determine what year it is? I sure think it would be a kick restore and drive but am I dreaming the impossible starting with no power plant? Any advise greatly appreciated.......Thanks

Re: Is it worth it or am I dreaming

sounds like a starting point.One can always find an engine and the year of the car.even if there had been an engine in it you may have had to replace it.I would go for it and have fun just remember all the hidden surprises and take a lot of photos'

Re: Is it worth it or am I dreaming

My last two cars I restored in the 1980's were located smack in the middle of an orange grove here in Florida. One was a 1947 Packard Taxi, the other a 1950 Pontiac Ambulance/hearse. They looked real bad until restored. As many can tell you in the DMAC club their car also started out in rough shape. There is nothing more rewarding than to take a car that would be considered junk by many and return it to it's glory days. If the price is right, and you have the patience, then it might be worth the time.

Re: Is it worth it or am I dreaming

An W5 engine for that would be easy to find. The hard part is always the sheet metal.



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