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Star "C" and "F" Body Woodwork

On another note, I'm in the process of dismantling a '24 Star Touring which is an unmolested original derelect. A lot of the wood work can be copied for use on the "C" model. However, the bottom sills are of a different thickness on the two models.
I measure 1 3/8" on the C model and 1 3/4" on the F model.
I would like to get confirmation from other owners on these measurments.
My intent is to build up body wood for both models and document measurments and patterns as I go along.
If anyone can help out, your participation is greatly appreciated.

Don Shilling

Re: Star "C" and "F" Body Woodwork

I cant help you but sure wish you would be doing the same for a '30 deluxe 6-14 R S Coupe. I would buy a set right now . Work is progressing very slowly on mine and right now I would seriously consider paying someone to do the wood work for me --
Good luck with yours

Re: Star "C" and "F" Body Woodwork

Don, I went out into the shed and measured the two sections of timber rail forward of the seat and it looks closer to 1 3/4 to me.
The rest of my "c" model is hanging from the roof at work and the seat and frame is resting on the chassis.
I'll measure it on the week end when im playing and advise you if thickness varies.
Is 1 5/8 a standard timber measurment for cut material in that era?
I was told a story that Henry Ford ordered all parts be delivered in precise measurement crates which were broken down to make the body, did Billy do the same and if so is there any literature to give size clues?
Wayne down under.

Re: Star "C" and "F" Body Woodwork

The height or thickness of the Star "C" bottom sills is dictated by the measurment from the bottom of the door panel to the bottom to the cowl. It seems that anything much more than 1 3/8" thick starts to jam the door operation.

As to the sizes of lumber, I'm not sure what the nominal figures were back then. Also, I've never come across anything suggesting Durant's lumber procurment practices. Henry had a good idea about using shipping crates to build bodies with, but I doubt it resulted in a signifiant savings for production.
As for literature on Star woodwork, there is nothing except what restorers pass along if they document their work.

Re: Star "C" and "F" Body Woodwork

Don, Who much aged material do you have to work with?
I have an excelent drivers seat and base. it was cut to make a ute as i have mentioned befor and the timber in this area is in excelent condition.
I removed the top head supporting the cowl at the wind screen tonight and apart from several boarer holes , it is solid and in shape.
I am about to resheet the cowl over the next month and then begin with the front dooor uprites.
tThanks again for those frame photos you sent, Im trying to find someone with a computor "C A D' program and the ability to scan the photos, set there perspective, and produce plans and elevations based on my known measurments of the seat frame.
Several friends are still trying.
Yell out if there is a measurement you might want off my left over frame.
Wayne down under.


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