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Star "C" Model Headlamps

I have a few questions concerning assembly of the "C" model headlights.

1- Are any of the headlight door springs #20426, avaliable? It requires 4 of these springs for each headlamp and they are what allows the rim to twist and lock into position.
2- Is there any current replacements for the lens spring clips #20428? There are 3 of these for each headlamp. These hold the lens snug in position during assembly.
The above 2 items are also used on the "F" model and maybe later models as well.
3- What kind of gasket or seal is used on these headlamps and where is it positioned?
4- I'm assuming that Ford "T" headlamp sockets will work on these lamps.

All the headlamp parts I have are just bits and pieces. I have finally collected an excellent pair of "C" model buckets, reflectors, lenses, and rims. I just don't have all the pieces that go between the main parts. In 20 years, I've never seen a complete, proper headlamp for a "C" or "F".

Thanks in advance!

Re: Star "C" Model Headlamps

Hi Don:

I think these parts(Ring holders and lense springs) are the same as on the A 22 Durant and they are hard to find. The ring holders are made out of spring steel so they are difficult to make. Haven't figured out a way to make the springs yet. As for a gasket, we were going to try making a cork gasket. Let me know if you find out anything spectacular.


Re: Star "C" Model Headlamps

Gord, I'm going to dig up a flat wound spring from the impulse coupling of an aircraft magneto and see if I can reroduce the headlamp door clips. However I need a sample of the lense retaining spring to make a copy. These are simply wire springs and I don't have any to work from.
I noticed, this morning, that my good refelectors are Model "T" parts, but will work perfectly with only very minor modifications. I only need to add the three small slots for the retaining springs. They are identical otherwise.

Re: Star "C" Model Headlamps

Visit a company that specializes in seals and o-rings and buy some o-ring cord the right diameter(probably 1/8" in diameter),for the seal. Lay the cord in the reflector grove to get the right size, cut as straight as possible and secure the ends together with super glue to make a large diameter o-ring. I always put the joint at the bottom in case I don't get a perfect joint.



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