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Oil Leak

I've just rebuilt my 1926 six cyl. It runs beautifully
Just one problem.Until the engine warms up,oil literally oozes from the rear oil seal and is flung everywhere by the flywheel.The release valve spring was broken so I'm experimenting with various replacements.I've got 90psi on start-up,dropping to 40 on tick-over when normal operating temp. is reached.The oil leak then stops. Is my oil pressure too high?Any advice appreciated.
Peter Dunne

Re: Oil Leak


It sounds like too much oil pressure may be your probelm. The specs for a 14L is 10 to 40 psi. Most of us have the opposite problem with too little oil pressure, not too much. When I start mine cold, it will run about 45 psi and after it warms up, it will idle at about 10 to 15 psi. I am guessing that your rear oil seal will just not handle the 90 psi and it leaks until the psi drops to a more normal range. I have no clue how you would go about bring the oil pressure down, so maybe someone else can comment.

Gary Warden

Re: Oil Leak

I shortened the release valve spring.The pressure is down to 20 psi,leak has stopped.Many thanks.


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