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Durant axels

I have just got my Durant ready for the road and I broke an axel on the left rear, in my driveway yet! oh well, better here than on the road. So now I am looking for an axel for a 1930 model 614. can anybody help me? thanks. Jim

Re: Durant axels

Hi Jim. Where can I send the axle? Are you in our Durant club? Big discount if your a member. I have a number of them here in stock. Will have to pull one out of one of the rear ends I have. Do you have wood or wire wheels? Faithfully
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Re: Durant axels

Hi Jim. We finally found the correct rear end and have pulled your axle and cleaned it all up. It looks great as well as the bearing's. $40.00 plus shipping and wrapping. Will enclose a bill in the box. Please provide me your shipping address. Thank you. Lance Haynes

Re: Durant axels

Hi Lance, Hurrah!! Success!! I already emailed info thru regular email, so ship address etc. is there. Can't wait to get car back together. even though for a short time. I will pull the wheels and plan to redo them during winter, while I am in Tucson. Thanks again for your help.Jim

Re: Durant axels

Hi Jim. Your 1930 Durant axle with bearing’s and nut is on its way to Ohio via Fed Ex. My office manager took it over to Fed Ex Thursday afternoon. The bearings are perfect so left them on the axel. Let me know how you make out. Have to get these Durant cars back on the road. Pleasure helping you. Let me know if you need anything else. Good Luck and happy motoring. Later Lance Haynes

Re: Durant axels

Hi Lance, thanks for letting me know that the axel has been shipped! am anxious to reassemble. The bearings are a plus, these aren't the easiest to get off the shaft. That will save me a lot of time,I had to torch cut one off the other axel. You asked if I needed anything else. Well, I sure would like to get a wheel puller that threads onto the wheel hub with a big bolt to push with. If there aren't any available, I will have to get one made. Thanks again Lance, and I WILL let you know how I make out. Jim G.

Re: Durant axels

Hi Jim,

When I had to pull the rear hubs on my 4-07, I went to a truck shop and bought a rear axle bearing spindle nut from them of the right size. It's a fair sized chunk of metal. I thread the nut right up on the Durant hub and use a beefy three jaw puller with the screw against the axle shaft. Use something to protect the end of the axle. The hubs were pretty snug first time I pulled them. Load the screw up good and then use a 3 pound persuader on the end of the screw. After a couple of goes, off it came!!

Ron ...

Where Are You From? www.ronjpics.com

Re: Durant axels

Hi Ron, thanks so much for the info on the spindle nut from a truck shop. I hadn't thought about this option. when I pulled the wheels the first time, I used a large puller and clamped onto the brake drum. I don't like doing it that way, might break the drum. besides, it takes a lot more torque to pull from so far away from the center of the hub. I will take my hub cap with me to local truck shop and get a nut to match the threads. Jim G.


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