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Derivitive of Star four - Durant 4-40

Hi, My great grandfather and an engineer by the name of clayton fredrickson manufactured a car and "truckette" called the "littlemac" in muscatine ia from 1930 to ?? 1935. It used the cont. W152 engine, borg and beck clutch and mid ship mounted 3 sp. trans. and the frame appears to be a modified star frame. We have records that they bought surplus star parts from durant. Myself and another man are in the process of re-creating the the vehicles (me-coupe , him-truckette). Any info anyone can offer is appreciated. Also if you happen to have a really strange little (40 in track, 80 in wheelbase) car or small truck in a barn with a star engine and running gear contact me!!!! Thanks for any help. I have a 6 inch stack of pictures and documentaion that I can share with anyone interested, as most prob. don't even know this variation on the star existed...
G. Thompson

Re: Derivitive of Star four - Durant 4-40

Gary: Always interested in the unusual. If you supply a picture or two to our webmaster, I am sure he would be pleased to show them on this site. That way, we could all enjoy them. Further to that, you could write an article and submit it to our magazine editor and the whole club would benefit, and you as a member (after you paid your $30.00) would have your story in print, amd get a real nice colour magazine four times a year. A real bargain!!!!

Re: Derivitive of Star four - Durant 4-40

Have pictures of the car and truckette I can post, if I can figure out how(directions how appreciated). I am also looking for a star chasis to begin the process of building a replica of the Littlemac. Complete cars are availabel cheap enough, but I don't want to destroy a complete car of that era to build ours!!! The frame was def. a star frame that was modified as was the transmission ans clutch etc. The engine was the W152 continental, but was the later 32HP version same as a durant 4-40, not the 18HP from the star. Any Help finding a chasis is also appreciated. Hemming Specialty interest autos did an article on it in 1992, I will try to get permission to re-broadcast it and will join the club and post it...

Re: Derivitive of Star four - Durant 4-40

Gary, drop me a line down here in Texarkana. I have several Star frames.

Re: Derivitive of Star four - Durant 4-40

I have lots of Star engines the W4 and W5 here in San Diego, Ca. Also the transmission’s etc. Just got in a complete W5 the later bigger one. Let me how I can help you. Later
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Star car information

Great! Here I am a Kaiser-Frazer fanatic on a Durant/Star chatroom... (better bookmark this!)

I am writing an article on the Star for a magazine, and might be able to use a bit more information on the Star than I have been able to pry out of the SCAC (Krause-Iola) so far. I have the picture of the cute lil' blue coach model posted on the net at autogallery.org.ru/k/d/27durent.jpg.

So, like...is it a Star or a Durant? My take so far is that it is a Star.

I could use some tips on where I can scratch up some more specs on the Star, or better yet, THAT PARTICULAR STAR! It looks like it is sitting in a museum. It would be nice to give some specs on the pictured car, methinks. You can help me by posting here, or it might be better to E-mail me directly at kfnut@umich.edu.

Meantime, I'll scrounge around for some more pictures of Star cars, and maybe some specs, too.

My deadline is Dec. 10th., but I would like to get this in sooner than that.

Where are you, Star lovers???

Tom Wilson, The Auto-Phile

Where Are You From? www.fotki.com/kfnut


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