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1923 Star engine on ebay

There is a 1923 Star W4 motor listed on ebay located in Maryland. Going bid $1.00. Looks to be in good shape.

VERY RARE 1923 Durant/Star Motors/Continential Engine!! Item number: 7929228108

Might be a good buy for some one up east.


Re: 1923 Star engine on ebay

I've got a bid in on it even though it shows a Model "A" carb,,,,,,, and where does that fuel pump fit????
Don Shilling

Re: 1923 Star engine on ebay

I think some of the parts pictured just happened to be close when they decided to clean out the garage

Star Cars in General

Great! Here I am a Kaiser-Frazer fanatic on a Durant/Star chatroom... (better bookmark this!)

I am writing an article on the Star for a magazine, and might be able to use a bit more information on the Star than I have been able to pry out of the SCAC (Krause-Iola) so far. I have the picture of the cute lil' blue coach model posted on the net at autogallery.org.ru/k/d/27durent.jpg.

So, like...is it a Star or a Durant? My take so far is that it is a Star.

I could use some tips on where I can scratch up some more specs on the Star, or better yet, THAT PARTICULAR STAR! It looks like it is sitting in a museum. It would be nice to give some specs on the pictured car, methinks. You can help me by posting here, or it might be better to E-mail me directly at kfnut@umich.edu.

Meantime, I'll scrounge around for some more pictures of Star cars, and maybe some specs, too.

My deadline is Dec. 10th., but I would like to get this in sooner than that.

Where are you, Star lovers???

Tom Wilson, The Auto-Phile

Where Are You From? www.fotki.com/kfnut

Re: 1923 Star engine on ebay

Tons of info on this site and also at durantcars.com, just click 'links page' or 'tech page' to the left.


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