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'24 Star Runabout

Thanx to Bob Porter for some mfg. number clarification, now the only other unfinished business for my 24 F Star is the round radiator emblem. Any ideas to where I may look would be appreciated.

Re: '24 Star Runabout

Hi Ken. I have a number of Star radiator emblems in stock I took off some cars and some I bought on E-bay. I think the early ones were just a Star and no wording on them. I have two types. One is just a plain white Star and the other ones have silver looking shading on the right side of all the points going out. Maybe Bob Porter knows which one is right. I also have the other ones the one with four on the bottom of it and another type with the word six on the bottom. These later ones say Durant Motors across the bottom. I probably have at least $35.00 tied up in each of these and I'll be glad to sell you one. Let me know. Later Lance Haynes

Re: '24 Star Runabout

Thanx to Lance and Bob Porter for squaring me away on my 24 F that was built in 23. Now, looking at the pic of Robert Abarta's beautiful 24, is the script Star on his radiator original? If so, Lance would you - or anyone else - have one of these? Lance, will get back to you re the emblem.
Many thanx

Re: '24 Star Runabout

Ken: The script was not original on a Star but could be ordered as an accessory. There is a gentleman who comes to Chickashee who makes up the script names.

Re: '24 Star Runabout

The gentalman that Jan is refering to is Marvin Gilliam (Gilliam's)... 3305 Summit Rd.-Ravenna, OH. 44266...(330)296-2425...While at Chickasha last winter I bought a script for my 1918 Hupmobile Roadster, it Really jazzed it up...He makes these radiator scripts up in both Brass or Aluminum, so consider what would go with your Runabout...Take care...Bill

Re: '24 Star Runabout


The emblem you want is the plain white Star, 2" in diameter.

The 23 used a plain white star but it is almost 2 1/2" in diameter. The Star with the shaded point if for a 25 Star and is also 2" in diameter. From then on the emblems all had the word "STAR" on them.

If any one has a copy of Durant Standard, Vol 9, No. 3. There is centerfold of all Durant car emblems by year, in color and actual size.


Re: '24 Star Runabout

It would be great if we could have that page from the Standard reproduced in the Partner. Is a similar set of pics available for Durant, etc.?
Do we have an electronic archive where all this kind of material can be stored and referenced easily for future reproduction?

Re: '24 Star Runabout

I have an 11" X 18" poster of all Durant radiator emblems that I bought from the DFR. Has the actual size of the emblems and actual color. The copyright was 1984. Has red background on slick paper. Did Jeff Gillis get the copyright or does anyone know where it was originated .
Have mine framed and refer to it often.. Great looking. Would make a great addition to your collection. Any ideas?? I know Rick Botti has seen this poster. Has all emblems for Durant,Star,Flint,Rugby,DeVaux,Frontenac and Fleetruck.


Re: '24 Star Runabout

Hi everyone. I also have that same color poster that came inside one of Jeffs magazine. We can reproduce it cause right after I was elected president I called Eileen and ask if we could use Jeffs magazine's and articles etc. She gave me the OK with no hesitation. She was very very sweet. We talked for over half an hour. So what we need to do is have a bunch of us go out and price up maybe running off about 50 of them and ask Mike if he will reimburse us from the club checking account and sell them at our upcoming National meet in NJ September 10-12, 2004 and give the rest to Bob Smith for future club store sales. It is a great piece. So lets all go get the best price for some copies. Maybe rick could also put a copy up on our site. Go Durant club go. Later Lance Haynes


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