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Durant Partner

Our Durant Partner magazine started arriving in peoples mail boxes yesterday as Bob Krause called me and said it sure was a great issue. He is now fighting his wife to finish it. Ha. I got one today and could not put it down. A great big THANK YOU Haley for a job well done. The poor girl had some real problems with her printer but now has it all going OK. I still don't have my AACA May / June magazine and the AACA editor got on the AACA forum and apologizes as he also had problems with there printer. And they been doing this since 1935. Anyone want to complain we will give you the job. Anyway thank you again Kiddo. Good job for such a young girl. She is a keeper. Later Lance Haynes

Re: Durant Partner

Lance: My only problem is that by having someone as young and pretty as Haley it shows how really old and ugly we are.

Re: Durant Partner

Thank you both so much for the compliments. I hope everyone is happy with the Partner and I look forward to the next issue.


Please, everyone, start sending me your articles and pictures. Thanks


Re: Durant Partner

Good job Haley! Really a great issue, Thank you for coming to our rescue with the Partner...This issue was right at the top in my book, Keep up the great work....Thanks again, Bill

Re: Durant Partner

Great job haley..I just got my issue today and have glanced at it --Then couldnt put it down --
I would bet you get no complaints here --
Its a job well done --

Re: Durant Partner


I know that you are not in the military, but as a retired Coast Guard Officer it is appropriate to extend to you a BRAVO ZULU!, or the landlubber translation is A job well done!

My copy arrived at our San Diego house today, and I did not have time to read it. However, I put it in the 1930 Durant as I was leaving for a car show. I showed the Durant Partner to a few people at the car show and they read my copy before I read my copy. And I must say, this is a great issue, and I know that I am looking forward to the next issue.

And a side note about the car show, Lance won a trophy for his 1929 Durant 6-63. Now this is twice that Lance has beaten my car when we were at the same show. But, I was proud to be there to see him get the award.

Haley, keep up the good work!

Charlie Spitz
Chairman, 2004 Durant Annual Meeting

Re: Durant Partner

OK Charlie trumped me last night with his bright red 30 Durant 407 beating me with my pretty cream colored 29 Durant 6-66 (not 6-63 as Charlie incorrectly stated here in above message ha) out at the weekly El Cajon, Ca. street show a few miles east of San Diego. It was 92 degrees there but we had a great time though. Charlie has some pictures I took with his digital camera. Come on Charlie lets see some of those. Miss El Cajon gave him his trophy. We will be showing our cars tomorrow night and Saturday night and all day Sunday at the annual Corvette show at Seaport village. Nothing but fun. Go durant go. Later Lance

Re: Durant Partner

Thanks a million Haley for a great issue of the Durant Partner. Having served in all offices for a region of the AACA I can truthfully say "You have the hardest job in the Club" Keep up the great work.



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