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Restored 1928 Durant For Sale on Ebay

There is what looks to me like a 1928 Durant Sedan for sale on ebay. It's listed as a 1925. Other than that, all I know about the car is from the listing, but the pictures look pretty good.


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Re: Restored 1928 Durant For Sale on Ebay

I was looking at that ebay listing . How do you know that it's a 28 not 25. It looked pretty good to me, maybe a strong #4 condition.. What do you think it's worth? Are parts difficult to come by? I'm looking for a runner.

Re: Restored 1928 Durant For Sale on Ebay

Hello gang. This car is either a 28 or 29 depending on the color of the "D" in the radiator emblem. A blue "D" makes it a 28 and a white "D" makes it a 29. This car is either a M-2 or M-4 or a 4-40 model Durant. Also all Durant cars from the beginning had the squared up radiator emblem and no radiator shell bars in it until 1928. Course there was no 27 Durant cars made in 27. Also we only know of one 25 Durant car around and "The Nethercutt Collection has it in there collection out here in California. Course to determine value a guy really needs to do a inspection and drive the car. The engine is painted turquoise and all kinds of things wrong under the hood and the seats look to have seat covers and the paint is wrong. Unfortunately our cars do not sell for a lot unless they have gone through a very high class frame off restoration. So just looking at the pictures I am at about $5,000.00 on this car. I would not pay that for it as I would tear the car all apart and do it right. Good luck.
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Re: Restored 1928 Durant For Sale on Ebay

Hi Joe,

The reason I think it's a 28-29 car is that if you look at the cars in the Photograph section of the website you'll see a big change between the body styles of 1925 & 1928. I believe the Durant company made a major design change in 1927. Look at is the radiator shell, the 28-29 shell is much taller than earlier shells. That is a very nice looking car, while I'm not an expert on 4 cylinder models, it looks to have a W5 engine and could be either a model M-2, M4 or 40.


Re: Restored 1928 Durant For Sale on Ebay

The hubcaps,if correct,look like 1928.


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