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replacing "canvas" material on roof of 1929 6-66

Has anyone ever replaced their canvas material on a hardtop roof, found a kind of cotton batting underneath, what did you use to replace that? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks Terry Brown

Re: replacing "canvas" material on roof of 1929 6-66

Your are corect that the material is cottom batting and I have always used the same material along with chicken wire to rebuild the top. You can obtain the material in a upholstery or fabric shop.

Re: replacing "canvas" material on roof of 1929 6-66


As an altentative to chicken wire I used a light weight canvas to cover the slats that run lengthwise of the car and then placed the cotton batten on the canvas. Much easier to handle then chicken wire.

The top material is a vinyl cover canvas (it was originally rubber covered.) Long grain is the type you want to use.

The best way to get a good tight top is to do it on a warm sunny day. Start at the back and center the material over the roof area. Place several temporary tacks across the back about 6 inches apart but don't drive them all the way in. Go to the front and pull tight and secure with temporay tacks. Next work the sides in the same fashion, pulling tight and secure with temporary tacks. If the top is tight and smooth and no wrinkles add tacks between the other tacks and drive all tacks home. If you have wrinkles loosen the tacks and work out the wrinkles until you have a smooth tight top. When satisfied, drive the tacks home and trim off the excess roof material.

Good luck,



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