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Goodies in the Woods!

Ya' never know what will turn up right in your own neighborhood.
The other day, a friend called from Longview, Tex about a '23 Star Touring advertized in the local paper, a week earlier,,,,
It took me another week to make contact with the owner. I asked about various parts and conditions of the car, trying to understand what condition it was in.
Generally, it was considered to be 75-80% restored, rebuilt engine, missing seat springs, instruments, taillight, steering wheel, and head light lenses. Needing tires, decent rims, a hood, radiator shell, and a distributer.
Longview is about 90 miles from me so I took my trailer anyways. Closer inspection revealed a very generous appraisal of its condition. The previous owner/restorer had the engine "overhauled", finish painted the body and spent quite a lot of money having the body woodwork replaced. None of the doors even came close to fitting properly and the front seat was mounted 10" to far to the rear. 95% of the "restoring" work will have to be redone and all the body woodwork is just so much kindling. The sheet metal looks good so far but I've found evidence of bondo repairs using a small magnet. The steering gearbox is SLAP worn out, universals loose, Ford distributer somehow mounted on the generator, and I'm sure I'll find other supprizes later on!
Initially, I told the owner thanks but no thanks and started to leave. Pausing to make a lower offer, he aggreed to meet me half way, I aggreed, so we loaded the car up and headed back to Texarkana.
Upon unloading the car off my trailer, the left rear wheel locked up, so I used my floor jack under the rear end to push it into the shop.
All this just goes to show that there are as many definitions for RESTORED as how ever many people you talk to.
However, this car and the '24 I purchased in Fremont last Janurary, will help me get mucho closer to completion of my own '23 Touring project.
I've got about 2-3 weeks left on finishing my new house project and then I can get back to playing with the cars!!!

Are we having FUN yet?

Re: Goodies in the Woods!

Don hope all is well with you. For some reason I seem to be having a hard time e-mailing you. We got the brake adjuster in the mail 2 days ago and I wondered how much do you want for it? I am still learning how this e-mail thing works, so maybe its just me! My email is awcurl@rogers.com thanks will


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