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Star Motors Dealer Sign

I have been watching the eBay auction for the Star Dealer sign that just ended without the reserve being met. Good Gravy!! How much does the seller want for it?
Seems I remember someone had these signs reproduced a few years ago. If they were to become avaliable again I would certainly like to have one to display in our new Tex-Ark Auto Museum.
Anybody have any suggestions?

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

I bought one here in chicago at a motorcycle swap meet a month ago. It's double sided porcelain, some chips but ok. I didn't see the one on e-bay, can you give me the site so I can look at it. I paid $150

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

Don...Board Member Bob Krause is the person that you have in mind, Bob had some of those Star metal signs made up I think during "Jeff Gillis" and had one of those reproduced signs at our last annual meeting at Selmar...It was beautiful....Give Bob a call at(562)434-3345, (Don't think Bob is on the internet)Possiably he can get some more made up...I would be interested in one myself...Let us know what you find out maybe there would be other interest as well... Thanks, Bill

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

I have one that Bob had made up and it constantly gets rave comments. If you can get one they are excellent.

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

Gregg, check out eBay auction # 2246835353 for the Star Dealer sign.
Judging from what some of these old signs are selling for, I don't think you got hurt at $150.00

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

I spoke with Bob Krouse today in reguard to getting more Star Dealership metal signs made up and he agreed to look into it, He still has the screening and most of the contacts that he used before...Bob ask if I would get a consensis of who on the internet may be interested in a sign and that he would also place an article in the Partner....Don, You might find this interesting, Bob says that metal sign that was on e-bay has got to be one of his reproduced signs...The original Dealership signs measure 35"X 24" and his signs are the same size as the sign that was being sold on e-bay that didn't make reserve, about 35"X 21" as the metal fab shop inevertianly sheared them narrow....Anyway, (bhoaglan@aol.com) please let me know who may be interested...Bill

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

Put me down for a couple


Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

What happened to signs and price list I sent you thst were copied from the list Terry Kulchycki had on the website? Would be nice if the DMAC could have some to sell in the Durant Store with some from Durant,Flint,Star as well as others I beleive the man that would make the signs was from New Jersey.


Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

Yup, I'll reserve one!

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

I spoke with Bob Krause this evening and he assures me that the sign on Ebay is really one of 18 that he had made-up in 1991. I wonder how the seller can claim that it is "gauranteed authentic"? Authentic what? So, as far as Ebay goes, let the buyer beware. By the way, Bob will arrange to have more made if there is enough interest in this otherwise beautiful, high-quality reproduction.
Tony Burke

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

Put me down for one too.

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

I have one that Bob had done for the D.F.R. that Jeff sold me. I display it at car shows with the car really makes the car stand out from a long distance away.

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign

I have an original that i bought in the late 60's or early 70's.

Used to live down the street from Bill Flora in Farmington, MI

He always wanted it. It is time to sell

any takers? or should I ebay it?

Re: Star Motors Dealer Sign SOLD $333.88 on ebay

item number 2484581198

thanks to those that may have bid



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