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Various things

I have been trying -without luck --to find out about the May 1st napa valley wine tour --Can someone give me info on where the tour starts and when?? I expext to leave B.C. on the 25 th of this month and would like to meet some of the members and attend the tour
Also will be travelling to San Diego --then east across the country to the east coast and then north to canada again --I would like to pick up some much needed parts for my 1930 6-14 R S coupe on this trip-
I need ---
door and window handles full set
1 tail light pedestal and two tail lights
Ignition lock and key
proper coil
two side lights that fit on front fenders
2 wheels ( wire spokes) with split rings
Drivers side door would be nice to find
radiator cap
interior dome light
front winshield frame
windshield wiper with blade
dimmer switch
new steering wheel (mine is broken badly)
swing hinges for the rumble seat

As you can see I am short of a lot of stuff for this little baby . maybe I can shorten the list on this major trip Any info will be a big help


Re: Various things

Hi Ken, Great to see that you can make it to the tour. I'll put you on the mailing list and send you more information, right away.


Re: Various things

Hi Ken. Don't forget to stop in at my house in San Diego at Durant Motors West. We can dig through all my parts for some of these parts you need. Looking forward to seeing you. Give you some rides in some of these Durant cars here. You can even drive this 30 Durant 614 rumble seat coupe we have rolling now. Come on down. Later Lance Haynes

Re: Various things

thanks guys --will try to stop and see as many members as I can this trip --and sure will stop and see the coupe you have working --need all the help I can get to complete mine --I have had it around too long now so its time to do something with it --would be nice to drive it at least once before I get so old they take my license away from me --

hope to see you in May


Re: Various things

Hi Ken:
Let us know when you expect to be in Ontario. I have the two wheels, but no split rings.
Dimmer switch - I would suggest your local jobber as a new one has much less resistance, and they are not a noticeable replacement.
Rad Cap, Door and Window handles. Miker Butters of Cobourg, Ontario makes replacement Caps and Handles. They are not cheap, but any old ones you may pick up will need to be rechromed, and Mikes are good and solid and the chroming is excellent. You could pick them up on your way through Ontario. He is very close to the 401 highway, our major east west throughway.

Re: Various things

Ken You can stop by my house and see my 6-14 standard coupe if you would like. I remember seeing a NEW wiper motor in the box at Vintage auto parts in Woodenville Wash (just NE of Seattle) Was pricey though $175.00 several years ago Ross

Do You own a car built by Durant? \0

Re: Various things

Hey Ken,

In your travels, were you planning on coming through Ottawa?


Re: Various things

Hi Ken, If you come to see Gord you are more then welcome to stop and see me. I live a couple of hours east of Gord. I am very easy to find, just off the major 401 highway. Gord has been to my place several times.

Re: Various things

Steven and Mike --
I will stop in many places --will try to get to Ottawa as well --I lived there for 7 yrs so know the place a bit - Mike --I will probably be to your place too---going to be fun trying to round up all the parts I need . Hope to see you both
Ross --maybe I will be able to stop at your place too---Sure going to be an interesting trip if I stop everywhere --Hope to see you all soon .

Re: Various things

If you come off the 401 and into Guelph, you can visit both Gord Curl and me. I have a '29 Durant 40 and a '27 Star cabriolet I would love to show you. Have lots of room for overnight guests.

Mac 519-821-2576

Re: Various things

I will definitely be in Guelph --have relatives to visit there as well as pick up wheels from gord --will be sure to look you up
Thanks for the accomodation offer but we have a 5th wheel trailer we will be dragging around with us.
See you in the coming months sometime

Re: Various things

Well Ken, while you're making the rounds you might keep my place, here in Northeast Texas off I-30, in mind. I also have accomodations for RV's or trailors and mucho turn around room. I have several piles and boxes of goodies, and you might get lucky!
Don Shilling

Re: Various things

Wow---This has to be the greatest club ever--sure lots of response to my guest --I will sure try to make it to every place I can get to --you will probably see me Don --thanks very much


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