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Durant Stock Certificate

There is a Durant Stock Certificate on eBay right now that was one of the ones that Jeff Gillis had copied in 1978 and gave one to every member of the Durant Family Registry. It was a neat idea at the time. Jeff was a real enterprising fellow and really promoted Durant.
Will be interesting to see if it sells. Never know with eBay.

Re: Durant Stock Certificate

The ones that Jeff made were verry good repo's and the number of shares reflected the number of cars you owned.

I still have mine and also Ray Zenz's

Re: Durant Stock Certificate

I still have mine, but I hadn't remembered about the number of cars you owned governing the number of shares shown. It sure is a unique piece and a great reproduction. Jeff always had some great ideas. Just wish his book could have made it to the printer.

Re: Durant Stock Certificate

I sure would be nivce to have a copy of that book, no doubt about it.


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Re: Durant Stock Certificate

...well...I'm the guy selling the repop certificate.
It's a two share certificate made out to Herbert Conley.

Here's the link....Repo stock certificate

Re: Durant Stock Certificate

I still have mine and a blank one I got from Jeff.

Re: Durant Stock Certificate


I have two original Star Stock Certificates given to me by two different people by the sons of the original purchasers. One even has the payment record for the stock. The other one was purchased in the son's name. Sure a lot more valuable than a reporduction.


Re: Durant Stock Certificate

Hello everyone. Great Web site. I just found it today while looking up a value for my mother's Durant Stock. So far, she has shown me three 100 share stocks made out to William L. P. Althouse and dated Jun 14, 1928. He was the co-founder of General Motors and friend of William Durant. William Althouse sold his half to Mr. Durant the day after they started the company. My mother married his stepson, Tracy Schelker, son of Henrietta Althouse. My mother also has original stock certificates from General motors dating back to the beginning. I haven't found a value on the stock, but they have been authenticated by my lawyer. If anyone has any more information on these, I would appreciate the help.


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