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Wooden Top Bows

Can anyone lend any help in going about fabricating the wooden top bows for a '23 Star? Dad and I have the original bows but they are in pretty rough shape - not bad enough that they couldn't be used as very good templates, however. Dad is quite adept at wood working but has never bent stock this thick before. Is there a better wood - ash, oak??? Should we just save our pennies and get someone else to do it? HHMMM?

Re: Wooden Top Bows

I am in the same process as Jeff, for a 1928 M2 Rugby, old parts are good only for templates, but I have a serious doubt. Along this 76 years as have been steam bended, do they keep the original curvatures or copying as they are I will end with an enlarged roof? I only have a 1924 Star part list were state widths of 1st: 51,5 - 2nd : 50 - 3rd: 52,5 - 4th: 53" from front to back. My present 28 bows are wider. Somebody know if size changed between those years or can give me 1928 widths from outside to outside.




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