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Forum Spammer Identified

Copycat Poster caught! You decide their fate . . .

We have caught the person who has been stealing peoples identities and plaguing the forum with misleading, banal and idiotic postings. It turns out the person in question is a fan of the band who we have met on numerous occasions, which makes their actions even harder for us to comprehend. We feel it’s only fair to let you decide on whether we should ban their IP or give them another chance. We have kept security to a minimum with regards logging in to make it as easy as possible to post. The last thing we expected was a fan of the band would abuse our trust. We are sorry this has been going on for so long and you have had to endure said persons pathetic postings. We had to be 100% sure before we went public and will now remove all threads. Our apologies to anyone caught up in all this and hope things will now get back to normal and we can continue to build the FM community in the spirit first intended.

Thanks for your patience.

Over to you the jury…

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

Good news that our "friend" has been identified and at the same time disappointing that they didn't take the hint many of us had thrown at them before it came to this.

Well done to the Webmaster for sleuthing this one out.

Before I comment any further I think I better consider my words VERY carefully as one who has been 'mimicked' ....

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

Why the heck did 'the person' have to let things get to this stage (and a fan?).

Surely the culprit could understand the difference between a 'possible' a little giggle and the start of a major annoyance, its not like they weren't asked to cool it or simply stop doing it. They should also have known their IP could/was being traced??

Very sad & difficult situation seeing as its a known fan???

I persoanlly need time to contemplate rather than just be annoyed and ban the git...

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

Dave I wonder if the person responsible will be man enough to stand up and admit it was them and more importantly apologise to EVERYONE on the forum, not just you and I.

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

Who knows if he's got the guts, would probably sway my decision???

I'm passed angry, just stunned its a fan!

Hey, it's not 'Little Ant' is it? He's kinda quiet these days... and like most little insects he carries a very annoying sting in his tail....(he knows i jest)

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

as one who has not been mimiced we dont feel we have a say yes its sad that it is a fan, so take it on the chin and own up good lad/lass

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

I agree, own up and be counted, seriously I giggled at first but it did go a bit far. I think he/she should buy a round at the next FM gig

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

Toni / Paul - it has affected the whole Forum not just those that were mimicked as the place was buzzing along quite nicely then it all came to a grinding halt. You have as much say as anyone.

Simon - I know it wasn't you, you daft git!

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

I can't believe this is a 'fan' as well.
This is particularly bad since the forum is so new.

Definate ban.....and while we are at it can we change the forum software?

Mark, still not understanding how a fan could do something like this.

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

Lets put this in the right context.

If the offender would like to stay part of this community they owe everyone an apology, so everyone has a say!!!

Some of you will have noticed that I did it with Craig's I.D. as a one off laugh (as quick as i did it, i stopped), but it went well past a simple laugh. When you know you've pi#*ed someone off (even accidentally) you would ease off.....Did anyone notice that happen??????

No one minds a laugh. It went far, far further than that!

Re: Forum Spammer Identified

The one positive thing that has hopefully come out of this is the fact that all users should be aware that 'bad usage' can be traced and that our Webmistress has the ability to trace IP's etc and also ban IP ranges etc...

A big thanks to Dawn and a shame that she had to spend time on such matters!


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