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Damb Busters

Sgt. Richard ( Dickie ) Bolitho was a school friend of mine and was rear gunner on one of the Lancasters that never made it back home. He died at only 19 years old.His mum and dad used to run a Fruit & Veg shop in Kimberley, Nottingham and he attended The British School in Kimberley> I served in the Royal Signals and was mainly in Jerusalem 1945/48. Capt. Mackintosh and I were in the Kitchen of the King David Hotel on 22nd July 1946 when we walked into Irgun terrorists who were carrying out a raid on the hotel.They fired on us and he stopped a bullet and died the next day, Three milk churns full of TNT were exploded and 92 people killed including women and children I was lucky and at 92 still here.