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Guy Gibson, and his dog "Nigger" story

Hello from across the pond in Raleigh, North Carolina! A friend and I are trying to track down a myth/legend/fact about Guy Gibson having a black or chocolate lab named ****** whose name was used as a code word for a mission. Story we heard was that the dog was hit and killed by a car a day or a few days before the mission, and many people felt that it was an omen of bad luck, because either the mission didn't do well, or it was one in which a lot of pilots were killed.

To add to the mystery, there was a clip perhaps from the movie "Dam busters" that may have been used in Pink Floyd's "The Wall" video which shows Gibson and his dog or something.

Can anyone shed some light on this. If I can pull this info together, I think I will impress this guy.


Re: Guy Gibson, and his dog "Nigger" story

Hi Christine

I think this will answer your question, check the photo in this link


Re: Re: Guy Gibson, and his dog "Nigger" story

Thanks very much for the web site. Sad story about the dog, poor thing. Are there any photographs out there that shows Gibson and ******? I wish I could have read the article in the magazine "Best of Britain" back in May.

Re: Re: Re: Guy Gibson, and his dog "Nigger" story

In the book Lancaster -Story of a Famous Bomber there is a picture of Gibson and his dog. The dog looks like he's wearing a VC on his collar.

I read that at the end of the movie Dam Busters there is an unexplained dog in the background that nobody knew was in the filmiing. I haven't checked it out but for the paranormal fans it would be interesting to research.

Re: Guy Gibson, and his dog "******" story

I'm not going to apologise for using the dog's full name. That is what he was called, even if it had racist connotations. If anyone is bothered, they can like it or lump it. I am not a racist but I feel the dog should be known by what Gibson called him.
****** was a black labrador.
******'s name was used as a code word to mean that the Moehne dam had been breached.
****** was killed on the day before the Dams Raid. He was hit by a doctor. From what I have been able to ascertain, both the occupants recieved injuries, the extent of which I do not know. It probably was a bad omen. I do not know.