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Koblenz dambuster

describe this as a blockbuster

but did they mean a dambuster.

"The cylindrical bomb has no stabilising fins. The diameter is 1270mm and the length is 1530mm. Each rim is secured with 30 bolts and strips of angle steel. The material used for the sides of the cylinder is 12.5mm thick whereas that used for the rims is 10mm thick. A high-explosive charge of some 2600kg is made up of 41.7% trinitroluol, 40.5% hexogen and 17.5% aluminium. The tubes for the three hydrostatic pistols, of the type used in anti-submarine depth-charges, each contain primer charges of 1820kg of Tetryl. The self-destruction charge (intended to prevent an unexploded bomb being recovered if falling on land) consists of 1255kg of Tetryl.