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Re: Potential Visit to the Dams

Lee Whittaker
Hopefully forum members are able to help me in my appeal.

My name is Corporal Lee Whittaker from RAF Kinloss and I am planning to take approx 12 service personnel on a visit to the Möhne, Sorpe and Eder dams next year.

Having never been to the dams before I am hoping to gather advise and information on various memorials/attractions in the region of the dams that i am able to visit in addition to the dams.
Any assistance that forum members are able to offer would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Lee - I'm fairly new to this forum & not sure if I have already replied to your post or not - if this is a repeat then forgive me!

I was groundcrew on 617 at raf scampton around 1970 - I live in Germany now, Potsdam. It's perhaps a bit far north for your proposed trip but if you get up this far then I'm happy to entertain you.

there are two former camps at Belsen & Buchenwald that are perhaps in your proposed area - they are 2-3 hours drive from here - southish? i think. there's some photos on my site of the camps and also a few from scampton's first "westabout" to singapore.
my email is

good luck with your trip

grahame soden

Re: Potential Visit to the Dams

Dear Mr.Whittaker 28.4.2010

i have read you planning to take approx 12 service personnel on a visit to the Möhne, Sorpe and Eder dams in 2010.

We are the official Dambusters Museum at the Ederdam Area /Germany. At the Moehnedam there is no Museum .

We working together with Wingnut Films New Zealand (Peter Jackson). He planning a new Movie The Dambusters
they started at 2010 / 2011 worldwide.

We will build a new Museum and no. 2 a Dambusters Filmsite with the Lancaster Airplane in 1:1

Here is our website to yor information. We have most Guests from the Commonwealth Nations.

We have many themes you can, see , models-documents-doc movies-exponates

You can show the way to our Museum: Over K a s s e l to F r i t z l a r (Highway A49 to Ederdam = Edertal-Hemfurth is the Name of the village ther is the Ederdam and the Dambusters Museum.
Our Place is over the small bridge the Street left to the "Wildgehege" (Animal Park) daily: 11 - 17 Clock Price: 4,00 € p.P.

with greetings from the Ederdam-Germany

Oliver Kohler
Dambusters Museum & Filmsite