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617 Avro Lincoln in grey/black colour scheme

I am an ex-RAF pilot. I read Paul Brickhill's 'The Dam Busters' when I was 10 years old and that was all the inspiration I needed!

I am currently making models of all aircraft flown by Guy Gibson and 617 sqn.

This makes for a lot of aircraft in a green/earth/black colour scheme.

I have a resin conversion kit to turn a 1/72 scale Lancaster into a 1/72 Avro Lincoln. To add a bit of variety, I would like to paint the Lincoln with light grey upper surfaces, black undersides. I have found a number of pictures of 617 sqn Lincolns with the green/earth/black colour scheme, (particularly of the tour of North America in 1947) but so far none in grey/black, in books or the internet.

Does anyone know if this scheme was ever applied to 617 sqn Lincolns? If you have any pictures or could point me in the direction of relevant publications, I'd be very grateful. (I do have a comprehensive collection of Dambuster books and publication myself).

Thanks a lot,