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Re: Re: H.M.Young


Re: H.M.Young

Ken Harris
Ops book records this of him and his crew - since I sold this website, not a lot of updates have been done, and I agree with your statement


How do you sell a web site?

Re: H.M.Young

hi Paul,

my grandfather's doctor grew up beside the Vincent MacCausland homestead - and many of my family and neighbours were RCAF around this same time.
As you may know, Vincent was the aimer (under Youngs command) who dropped the bomb that broke the dam. Seems there is a lot of confusion arounf AJ-A and their successful hit - don't know why - there's lots of literature out there now. We have to be able to give credit where it s eared - let's wait to see what the new dambuster 2010 movie illustrates. I found a picture of their gravesite - they are burried next to each other.