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The PBS TV show "Bombing Nazi Dams" (Secrets of the Dead Series)did the cause no good when it mentioned six dams, not sayng that three were alternates.
According to them, the Sorpe was an a wide earthen dam approached parallel. Needless to say,little damage was done by the specialized bombs carried.
The mission has been historically rated as a failure, due to the 40% loss and minimal effect of the flooding.

Re: Misc.

Hi Jim,

I came across your email on the Dambusters Forum. I am currently doing some research for the BBC. I am hoping to put together a short film on the life of the youngest Dambuster, Jack Liddell. There seems to be very little information on him- you seem to know quite a bit about the event. Could you give me any further information on Jack Liddell, who was from Weston Super Mare?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.
Many Thanks,