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crew errors for dambusters

my grandad was a dambuster he flew with D Maltby on AJ-J as the rear gunner his name was Bernard McCormack and it was his 21st birthday during the raid on the dams he was hand picked for this raid and due to this was not named in the press that followed the raid . reporters took the names of the pilot and all the pilots regular crew members were added later but the pilots did not fly with there regular crew and so lots of errors were made in the naming of the dambusters. i do have proof to back up my claim and im completeley sane just so you know. The RAF have provided the proof of this raid being part of grandads mission history he has 52 missions to his credit the big one he never saw the credit for with the media. im doing all i can to highlight it and if anyone has any idea who to contact please let me know.