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Re: Ken Brown

Dear Carole,

I am sure that I speak for many others in offering you, and Ken's family, my sincerest condolences at your sad loss, and indeed, the loss of yet another of the Dambuster heroes.

I know Ken may have argued the "Hero" bit, but the raid, although technically not the complete success it had been hoped, raised morale within the British and Commonwealth nations, and across occupied Europe as it was seen to be a direct, and at the time successful, hit at the mighty Rhur industry.

I met Bill Townsend on several occasions, and he personally felt that the raid had been largely a propoganda success, but of course, came at a high price in the lives of the crewmen lost, the latter which I know was something Ken felt very strongly about.

Our thoughts are with you and Ken's family.

Graham Palmer.

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Replying to:

My uncle, Ken Brown, who was one of the Third Wave Dambuster pilots, born 1920 in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, died today (December 24, 2002) in White Rock, B.C. He is survived by his widow, Beryl, and may children and grandchildren.

Carole Bawlf

Re: Ken Brown

I recently found the sight of the dambusters.I was sorry to hear that your uncle had passed away. My father also served with Guy Gibson.He was a rear gunner for Captain Vernon Byers. Did you attend the 60th anniversary this past summer inalberta. I was unabel to attend but a cousin attended to represent our family. I would lke to hear from you. We may