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Re: Re: Autographs

Thank you for your detailed reply. sounds like you have a very important item there.

Did you know Flt Sgt George Powell well?

What sort of stories regarding 617 sqn. did he have to tell?

Is the menu one of those where it has been mis-spelt "Damn Busters", or was that another time?

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Hello there,

With reference to your autograph album page, I feel it may well have been signed at the Hungaria Restaurant,Dorland House,14-16 Regent Street, London S.W.1 on Tuesday 22nd. June 1943. The occasion was a celebretion dinner following the decoration of members of 617sq. at Buckingham Palace earlier in the day.

I have a menue from the above event with about 50 signatures on it. The menue was given to me by Fl.Sg. George (Chiefy) Powell who died about 5 years ago.

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Hi. Can anyone help out with regard to an autographed album page I have, please.

It is signed, in ink and full names, by Gibson, Taerum and Leggo, and is in good condition. Gibson has put VC with his signature so I can place it between the raid and his leaving soon after for his foreign visits. Of course, Taerum was killed in action later that year. On the reverse is the signature of "Screwball" George Beurling, ace of Malta. I can assume that because of the togetherness of these signatures, that they could well have been gained at, or around, the Buckingham Palace awards period.

What sort of value should I put on this for insurance as I have never come across Taerum's signature for comparism, please?