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Flt Sgt Anthony Stone

I remember as a 6-year old having my hair cut at Joe Stone's barber shop in Jewry Street, Winchester, and how proud Joe was of his son Anthony who was the Wireless Operator in J-Johnny. Even at that tender age, I was enormously admiring of what the Dambusters had achieved, and of those who had taken part. Does anyone else recall Joe Stone's shop?

Re: Flt Sgt Anthony Stone


I'm sorry that I can't help with Joe Stone but my Dad was Jimmy Stoner who worked with Plessey (on radios I believe) during the war and was involved with the DamBuster raid and was based in the AVRowe factory at Chadderton.
But as he died 40 years ago I don't have any real info on what he did do you know where I might find any information on where Plessey were based near Lincoln my Mother remembers Yeadon but that's in Yorkshire!

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Joe Stoner