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Re: Les Munro

Hi. Just stumbled on this site. I recall your member Tobin Jones, we've chatted once. Was interested to hear Les Munro was still alive - tough bugger! Are you in contact? Can you ask if he has any piccies from the reunion in '59 (I think) where the 617 guys played the Brit Ashes Cricket Team in Bickley, South London. I was one of the lads invited to the private dinner on the Sunday evening, after the garden fete. I knew Elizabeth, Barnes Wallis' daughter, via my work modelling for med-students, she was the Chief Medical Officer for South England. I knew Cheshire very well, he often fed me sandwiches and tea! Been trying to find his young neice to no avail, I helped her wash and dress the bodies at St. Cecilia's and helped her train medicine up at St. Bart's in London. Met nearly all the 617 people, including the ground crews.

I'd love to know who the WAAF girl was who stripped after dinner when the guys got the beer out and the girls sipped sherry in another room (sipped? They were drunker than the guys!!!!) She later came in and sang bawdy songs for us. With clothes on, unfortunately. She was from 'oop north' and did a mean Gracey Fields impersonation. I called her Irma la Deuce. Her husband was blondish and an Aussie...and VERY long suffering! I worked part time up at the Mermaid and Garrick theatres and a couple of years later she sang and danced onstage for the cast, who were mightily impressed. And she took to Mandy Rice Davies (who I was dating at the time) like twin souls, spending the rest of the night stripping at the club Mandy was working at. Man said she went down a treat!

I knew Doug Webb quiet well (AJ-O Orange) he was often at Cheshire's and also took many promotion pics at the theatres, often seen with London's porno-king, George Harrison Marks, as he also moonlighted for him. Doug also fancied the top glam-model (nude pics) of the day, Pamela Green, who was living with HM. She later married Doug, who only died recently. He was a very nice guy, and a very good photographer. Most of his early archives were lost in a fire, so no pics of me survived.