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Codename for 617's Dams raid

I'm sorry if this seems pedantic, but I am confused over the Dams raid operation codename. Within this website it is given as "Chastise" - that was also the answer given on "Mastermind" some years ago. However, in the original book written by Paul Brickhill in the early 1950's it is categorically stated that the codename was "Downwood". As Brickhill talked to the relevant people during his researches (and was an Australian Air Force pilot himself) I am inclined to believe him. Any opinions out there?

Or am I being totally stupid and confusing one codename with another ???

Re: Codename for 617's Dams raid

Hi Peter,
As far as I can tell, Chastise was the codename for the operation and Downwood was for the whole affair - training of crews, testing of the bomb etc. I hope this makes sense.