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Norman Evans- navigator

i am reading history at Leeds university, and i have always been told my grandfather was a navigator in the RAF and that he was involved in the Dambusters. Out of interest really i was wondering whether anyone had any information to discredit or back this up. His name was Norman Evans. ANy information would be gratefully recieved. Thank you an interested grand daughter!

Re: Norman Evans- navigator

I've got a book on the Dams Raid and in the back is a Battle Order(list of crews taking part in an operation) and there is nobody by the name of Norman Evans among the aircrew who were on the Dams Raid, let alone a Navigator. He may have been on the Squadron at a later date.
I hope this is of use. Rob.

Re: Norman Evans- navigator

I too am trying to loacate a family member who is said to have been in the dambusters (my graet uncle). after lots of going in circles i found this:

i did a quick search and foun a few entries for N. Evans (i searched for "Evans")

Hope this helps and good luck with your search.

James Waller