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Hopgoods aircraft

I visited the crash site of P/O Hopgoods a/c in 2002 and have a small piece of it in my possesion. The site is about 10Km from the Dam and is marked by a small post. There were also some old Poppy crosses placed there. I cleared the weeds away and tidied up the area. I was helped by a German farmer who had been a boy at the time of the raid.

Re: Hopgoods aircraft

No offence mate but John Hopgood was a Flight Lieutenant at the time of the Dams Raid. I just think it is right that the men's ranks should be correctly stated and they shouldn't lose out on a rank or two as a matter of respect and honour. There is no way I'd have a go at anyone who comes onto this site and is respectful to these guys, as most of you folks are, as I respect them alot myself.

Rob Haynes.