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Danbusters site

Can anyone tell me if the Official Dambusters site is still in operation as I have sent details of my father to the site and a number of pictures over 6 months ago now with no result apart from an e mail stating that they would be posted on the site straight away and I am still waiting to see them there.
Can anyone please tell me if there is an Unofficial Dambusters site and how I go about contacting them.
Also can anyone tell me if any journalists are looking for surviving members of 617 as I'm sure there cant be many left


Re: Danbusters site

Hi there/
I am not a jounalist as such but I am a filmmaker. I just finished a 2 hour feature called "Billyboy" of which the first 20 minutes revolves around the story of a 5 year old boy in the south of England supposedly 20 miles from the nearest Lancaster base. His ficticious father is coincidentally a Wing Commander going on a "secret" mission. Very loosely related to the dam raid. We have great authentic footage supplied by the Imperial War Museum and yes I am looking for any survivors of 617 who may want to talk about the experience via mail or on film to be a part of our DVD. If anyone knows anyone connected to the raid in any way I would appreciate a shout. Thanks.......Bill Riley