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Postition of spotlights

I am building a 1/72 model of AJ-P and need to find out two things about the aircraft.
1)Where were the spotlights fitted
2) Did the J in the code have a round or flattened bottom. I have seen both forms on two different aircraft.

Re: Postition of spotlights

From what I gather, the aft belly light was just behind the bomb bay and the forward light was in the hole normally housing the bombing camera which took several pictures in the 30 seconds after the bombs had been released to show where they had hit and to verify the target attacked. On the dams raid, the camera was virtually useless. The forward light shone straight down and the rear one shone forwards(obviously) to converge in a figure of eight pattern when the aircraft was at sixty feet and they both pointed in front of the leading edge of the starboard wing. I hope this helps.