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Small addition from Baby Boomer point of view

Hello. The Dambusters movie is currently running, which prompted me to take a look for a site on 617 Squadron. Have been fascinated with The Dambusters since growing up on the shores of Lake Windermere in the English lake District from 1948 through 62.
One summer when I was too small to really understand what was going on, bomber aircraft spent the summer zooming in at low level over our house. Shortly afterwards the movie came out and I was told by my parents that the section with the bits of tree in the undercarriage of the aircraft was actually a bit of tree that was clipped on our property in the making of the movie. A big thrill for me as a Baby Boomer generation kid born in 1948!!
The movie remained a tremendous favorite of mine for many years, until as a journalist out here in British Columbia, Canada, I interviewed a WWII Bomber Wing veteran who proceeded to tell me that the aircraft which plowed into the hillside towards the end of the film wasn't a Lanc after all but ((I think ) a Halifax. Quite spoiled the whole thing for me, especially after growing up with Black Labradors, the kind of dog portrayed as Guy Gibson's pet canine in the movie!!!!
My hat is still off though to Barnes Wallis and those who carried out the raid (especially those who gave their lives). What a wonderful sacrifice and heritage for the coming generations!!
Quentin Dodd,
1086 Ash Street,
Campbell River, British Columbia,
Canada V9W 1G5