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Lancaster Bomber

I'm looking for a photo / drawing of a Lancaster, like the one flown by Guy Gibson,I need one From a front side view, I do embroidery and have been ask to do one for the Guy Gibson lodge (R.A.O.B) Hereford. I would most greatful for any help
Tom McCulloch

Re: Lancaster Bomber

Tom: Some years ago (1982) there was a series booklet published called "Lancasters in Action" which would suit you admirably. It not only has photographs, but many colour and B&W diagrams of the various Lancasters. I'm sure this book is still around, as I bought a copy in Australia a couple of years ago. It was written by R.S.G. Mackay, illustrated by Don Greer, and it was a squadron/signal publication. 50 pages long. I know the Motor Book Shop in Leicester Square, London, used to have copies - perhaps you could ask them. But it would certainly be perfect for your needs. Good luck!