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Dam Busters Review

I have read the article by "ANGRY UK" 10th. October, I heartily agree and here is my answer to the comments made on the Amazon website. If they are printed or not depends on whether Amazon think I am reviewing the film or Philip Kemp's opinions.

I have just read the review on the Dam Busters film on your website.
Having read this review I urge people to ignore the comments made by Philip Kemp as being a load of puerile nonsense. Comparing the death of ******(Guy Gibson's labrador) to the death of Bambi's Mum,is belittling the men who held this dog as a mascot. Guy Gibson firmly believed that had his crews found out about ******'s death it would have been seen as bad luck and quite rightly so.
This was not a minor operation. It was a highly technical operation for the day, no radar, they had GEE not quite the same, flying at 100 feet across the channel and over Holland and Germany, and then 60 feet over the lakes to the dams.

In the context of the '40s the term "******" did not have the conotation is has today. Does Philip Kemp fully realise the outside professionl expertise that is called upon in the making of this type of film. One can only do so much within a budget within the two hours allowed. It's a well known fact that film companies tend to embelish heroism and if Philip Kemp cannot recognise this as indicated by his trite statements then he should educate himself.
I know this film is revered amongst the vast majority of those who are knowledgeable before and after the fact. I would hate to think that a frivilous and sarcastic review would desuade people from buying such a wonderful and gratifying film that honours the participants(Commenwealth aircrew including one American who joined the Canadian Air Force) and a long lasting commeration to RAF Bomber Command and the durability of spirit as exhibited by the British people.

Simon Wainwright