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This may be unusual and I may not even be inquiring with the correct group of people but here goes. I have been meticulousely restoring a 1929 Dodge Brothers 2 dr. Victoria for the past 8 years or so. There are only two left or known of and I am making every effort to get it back to what it was originally. I have been lucky enough to recently find another Dodge DA owner who prob. has the only existing tool bag that originally came with the car in the world, even luckier that he has loaned it to me to duplicate.
It has a metal buckle and some other unusual rivets/fastners that I will never find anywhere so I am looking for someone that would be able to make these pieces for me. I am wanting nothing short of perfection in every detail. While it may not be the most challenging job for someone skilled in this line of work it is beyond my time limit to try it myself. Can anyone suggest someone that would be interested in the project, I would like to have maybe a half dozen of the examples made so that I may duplicate a few of the bags. Money is no issue as long as I feel I am being treated fairly. Anyones consideration in this would be appreciated. Thanks