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The Economy and You

Is there anyone NOT feeling the effects of this miserable downturn in the economy? For the first time in my 24-year silver restoration business, incoming projects started slowing a couple of months ago. It's just now starting to pick-up again. What are you experiencing?

Re: The Economy and You

Jeff: I make sterling silver & colored stone jewelry, strictly a hobby until June 2008 when I got the bright idea that since I had been selling a few pieces I should make it a business. Ramped up my production of one-of-a-kinds(most are $100 & less), advertised, did a few shows. First show I made a profit, then nothing, not even enough to cover expenses. The local museum carries my work and they sold a couple of pieces, but I'm selling less now than I did when I was just playing! The museum staff agrees it's the economy, but what a bummer! I've decided to devote most of this year to improving my skills, developing a new marketing strategy, and creating a "collection" of work. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: The Economy and You

Hello Carolyn,

I'm sorry you're having a difficult time. How are you promoting yourself? Do you have a Web site with all your products? Do you mail postcards with new items? What are your price points?

Tell me more about your business.