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Re: Re: Re: Griffen Silver Mugs

Griffen & Hoyt worked in NYC, ca 1819, and Griffen & Son worked there ca 1830

Re: Re: Re: Griffen Silver Mugs

I've also found a Peter Griffen working in NYC ca 1815 and using the maker's marks P.GRIFFEN AND/OR P. GRIFFIN.

Re: Griffen Silver Mugs

I have not been able to find images that matches the Griffen on your canns/mugs. The milled decoration was very popular during the early 19th century and the method of construction matches the period. I will continue my research and will get back with whatever information I can.


Re: Re: Re: Griffen Silver Mugs

Thanks for sending me the pictures.

Very fine looking silver mugs!!!!!!

If the maker's mark on your mugs is exactly and only "GRIFFEN" then it is problematic whether any of the makers I have cited made your mugs. I too have been unable to find reference to a maker that used the mark "GRIFFEN".