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Brush Hallmark

I found a silver brush with an interesting hallmark. It looks like an "HB" inside a crown of some sort. I looked it up on the sites I could find and nothing under H or B. It is pictured on my site listed as "Silver Brush" and there is a decent picture of the hallmark. Any ideas about the time period and the maker would be appreciated.

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I search on your site and found no listing for Silver Brush.

Re: Re: Brush Hallmark The item is called "Silver Brush" and Ref# HB200 (case sensitive). You could look by reference #. Thanks for trying.

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I suspect your brush was made in Germany during the early to mid 20th century. I can not identify the specific maker.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Fred. I'm going to put up a Blue Glass and Silver Salt Pepper and Mustard Set later today and if you would like to give me any insight on that I would really appreciate it. It's by Webster of North Attleboro, but they have wide open dates - I presume it's also from the early to mid-20th though.

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It is nice to see a complete set of salt cellar and peppers. The glass appears to be in good condition. Is the spoon by the Webster as well?

I suspect they are a little later and could even have been made in the 50's. I often see single pepper shakers like these at antique malls.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks. I'll update. The spoon is a matching Webster. So it's really a salt cellar and 2 peppers?

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I believe the set would be considered as two pepper shakers and a salt cellar. It is possible that they created the shakers for salt. The cobalt liner keeps the silver from damage caused by the choride in the salt.

Nice set


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