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Inscribed signatures

G'day from Australia

My friend has a sterling silver platter presented to his grandfather who was a Knight of the British Realm.

The special feature of the platter is that is bears the signatures of all the members of his cricket club in their exact signature form.

These signatures are etched into the platter. All appear to be written using different pens .. some with broad nibs .. some with fine.

My question is "What is the technique used to achieve this result?"

I would greatly appreciate your answer.

I could provide a picture if required.


John Morris

Re: Inscribed signatures

Without images I would suspect that the signatures might have been etched into the platter. I have seen similar trays with signatures that were copied from the original using and engraving tool. Hand engravers were very skilled and could mimic most anything.

If you wish to send me an image I will examine it for you and get back to you on my judgement of how this was accomplished.