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sterling vase maker's mark

I have a vase with the markings "D Sterling 1652". Could it have been made in 1652 or is that the item count? The "D" is an interesting mark and I have a picture of it on my site - right now it's called just "Sterling Vase" as I look into what it is more carefully. Clearly, it will make quite a difference if we can identify the maker as being 17th century!

Heath Cleaveland

Re: sterling vase maker's mark

Founded in 1853 in Concord, New Hampshire, the William B. Durgin Co. was purchased by the Gorham Mfg. Co. in 1905. The manufacturing operations were moved to Providence, Rhode Island in 1931. The "D" mark on your nice sterling vase is the later of two marks used by this company. The earlier mark was "WM. B. DURGIN". The "1652" on your vase is likely a product number or inventory number. Hope this helps.

Re: Re: sterling vase maker's mark

Thanks so much! I'm glad I finally realized it might not be from 1652 when I remembered seeing other pieces numbered - they can trick you like that...