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Re: antifirescale coatings


The best firescale/firestain preventer I've ever used is Dr. Fran's Fabulous Flux. It's non-toxic and will protect your brazing up to 1,800 degrees! Siunce my primary business is silver restoration, I have to be most careful with the surface finish.

The flux is made by:

Contains boric acid—sprayed on warmed objects, removed with warm water,
compatible with Superior #6 Brazing Flux.
Paul H. Gesswein & Co., PO Box 3998, Bridegport, CT 06605, 800/243-4466

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Replying to:

I want to do some brazing of bezels on hand engraved pieces. Since engraving is easiest in the flat stage with no bezel in the way i chose to braze after engraving. My question is anybody had any experience with firescale coatings like riogrande sell.I do not want to have to polish much after brazing. I have used boric acid and alcohol with limited success.

Re: antifirescale coatings

Thanks Jeffrey i will give it a try.