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I'm not a silversmith, I'm an artisan who makes wind chimes using silver/silver plate. Here's my dilemma; it seems no matter what I use or try I just can't seem to get the silver to really pop with shine. I've tried all kinds of polishes. PLEASE any advise would be welcomed!! I've seen artisans who make silver jewelry out of spoons and forks etc.,that really shine. I want my chimes to shine like that. However, when I ask them about their polishing technique they clam up. So if there is anyone out there that would be willing to help me make my chimes shine, I would really appreciate it =) Blessings, Mazee

Re: Polishing


If you are just sawing and drilling a hole in the flatware to make chimes you should have no difficulty using a standard silver polish to shine the pieces. If you are soldering it may be that you are burning off the plated silver. Perhaps the others are using a tumbler to burnish the silver. It is hard to tell what you might be doing wrong.