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Re: antifirescale coatings

Soldering/brazing after you engrave is going to require that the engraved item be pickled and polished. I do not think you will be gaining any time in applying you bezel after you engrave. I still think that engraving should be the last step in your design.

Another possibility my be to use the Argentium alloy in your work. It would be a bit more expensive and I believe it is very resistant to firescale and tarnish. I do not know it's engraving properties and suspect it may be worth your time and effort to try a bit of it and see if it works for you.


Re: antifirescale coatings

Thanks Fred, A light buff with a little zam or fabuluster is no big deal.Anything else starts to take off the crisp edges.You are probably on track with engraving last. I am exploring all options here. What do you think about the use of softer solders say staybright/tix? I am worried about the cracking with these types.

Re: Re: antifirescale coatings

I would avoid introducing these low temp solders.
Why cheapen the work with something that will be difficult to repair. The tin and other low temp metals can easily contaminate the silver and your work.


Re: antifirescale coatings


The best firescale/firestain preventer I've ever used is Dr. Fran's Fabulous Flux. It's non-toxic and will protect your brazing up to 1,800 degrees! Siunce my primary business is silver restoration, I have to be most careful with the surface finish.

The flux is made by:

Contains boric acid—sprayed on warmed objects, removed with warm water,
compatible with Superior #6 Brazing Flux.
Paul H. Gesswein & Co., PO Box 3998, Bridegport, CT 06605, 800/243-4466

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Replying to:

I want to do some brazing of bezels on hand engraved pieces. Since engraving is easiest in the flat stage with no bezel in the way i chose to braze after engraving. My question is anybody had any experience with firescale coatings like riogrande sell.I do not want to have to polish much after brazing. I have used boric acid and alcohol with limited success.

Re: antifirescale coatings

Thanks Jeffrey i will give it a try.